Every One Has An Opinion

Something I realised when I was pregnant that no matter who you spoke to everyone had an opinion, some good some bad.

You’ll be sick all the time, you’ll get fat, you’ll be tired all the time, you should do it this way, you need to rest all the time, your doing too much, you shouldn’t go to the gym or train, wait until baby is here and your up all night, you’ll get no sleep, you’ll have to change dirty nappies, you’ll get sore nipples from breast feeding, you wont be able to go out, your baby wont be getting enough milk from breast feeding, you wont need to go back to work, etc, etc I could go on forever……

The point is non of the above actually mattered to me or my husband, I knew having a baby would be hard, I knew id be up all night changing bums, breast feeding and being tired but hey that life and nothing in life is easy!

This was another exciting step in our life that we couldn’t wait for and I’m sure all the other mummy’s to be and mums understand! I couldn’t wait to have that bond with my baby girl, breast feeding, waking up seeing her smiling at me in a morning, taking her out in the pram on those crisp autumn days.

Id grown my baby girl for a whole 9 months bonding with her, telling her mummy and daddy couldn’t wait to meet her and see what she looked like why would I not want to do all of the above, care and look after her?

All the things people said seemed negative but you never heard anyone say ‘your baby may never arrive’

I sit here writing this now wondering what these times would be like, because deep down inside its the one thing I want so badly, it maybe something I will never get to do or feel…….

Grace x

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