Quote ‘PMA’

PMA Positive Mental Attitude

A quote a swear by and a quote I swore by when I was pregnant (well most of the time unless I was feeling exhausted, grumpy, hungry and like I could strangle every person in sight!).

A positive attitude is something that got me through most days, every time I felt low I reminded myself how grateful I was to be here, how much love I have from the people around me, how I have a loving husband who treats me like his queen, how I have a good job and a lovely home and how I was growing a little human inside! I remember when my husband said to me ‘I’ve never seen you talk so negative’ I quickly thought to myself what am I doing snap out of it! Most people who know me well enough know I’m always quoting PMA, PMA people! and There’s no such word as ‘cant’ a bit of positivity can get you any where you want to be!

Being positive throughout my pregnancy made it easier I could get through every day and carry on my usual routine including going to the gym, walking and working full time. Although I felt tired a lot of the time (and some times grumpy and a bit low – like any pregnant woman would!) my pregnancy was low risk and straight forward I had absolutely no issues – apart from a couple of growth scans Violet was growing perfectly and everything was in order.

I think for me it made me feel better knowing that If I went into labour and delivery with the mind set of  ‘positive’ things would run smoothly and I would be less nervous, with this mind set in place I had decided on little or non pain relief throughout (I am a kind of ‘natural remedy’ person therefore I don’t take tablets etc unless I really need to and didn’t want any needles or C-section unless it was an emergency!) due to the fact that if I went in thinking I want ‘a spinal’ I may not be able to and that would make me more upset, but if I needed to then that would be a step up from what I wanted which would be ok.

I felt great most of the time everyone told me how my bump was perfectly round and petite and how I had the ‘pregnancy glow’ I was still wearing my usual clothes until later on in my pregnancy everything was going just how I wanted it too and how we had planned.

My baby’s heartbeat was in order and me being able to feel her move and wriggle about made me feel so happy and positive inside knowing that Id grown this little human and she was giving me a sign she was happy in there and that soon enough we would be able to meet her. It made me feel even more grateful to be able to grow a little human, a few weeks before a lady I know told me she had lost her baby through early stage of miscarriage also with a friend a year before losing her baby at a later stage in her pregnancy. I remember speaking to her saying how sorry I was and realising even more that I was so grateful to have my baby inside my bump, It made me anxious and nervous about labour but never did I think I would be walking in a similar pair of shoes.

Little did I know that things could change in the blink of an eye.

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