For the ‘other’ people in my life

Someone said to me recently ‘you always think of others’ your right I do I not only think about myself I think about every one else too. I put myself in there shoes and my own, I try to see it from both sides, from my side the grieving mother and from there side the not grieving parent or someone who has gone through a similar thing. Hopefully bringing some comfort to those ‘other’ people to make them aware that #youarenotalone

When I decided to write my story on my blog, set up my Instagram and my Facebook page firstly I was nervous that I would get back lash and harsh comments to why I have shared my story, or it’s upsetting other new parents. I never realised how much response I would get which wasn’t my main aim, my main aim was to raise awareness and spread the word about the infections I had.

I can honestly say I am overwhelmed with how many people have contacted me, shared there story, said thank you to me, told me I’m brave, said I have given them courage and inspiration to get up in a morning. Something I never thought I would get or was my aim.

I started to tell my story to make other parents aware, to raise awareness and hopefully help at least one baby.

I find comfort from telling my story and raising awareness, you “others” are what makes me write, you make me feel like I’m doing Violet proud, you make me get up in a morning and carry on my day. Some of my ‘others’ have now turned into my friends, thank you.

So Thank you to my “others”

And remember #youarenotalone

Grace x

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