Having A Purpose

What’s your purpose in life?

Is it to survive in this world?

Or is it to put food on the table, work are arses off for that holiday, house or new car? Provide for our family’s?

In life we aren’t told what purpose is ours someone doesn’t say to us your purpose is this and that’s all you’ll do your whole life, it’s comes across us when we least expect it.

We simply don’t know our purpose until something happens, that could be a job you’ve been trying so hard at to accomplish which leads you into a job that your made for you, you just never knew it or a project you want to make work so badly because you know it will help others. It could be realising your niche for something you never even realised you had and now makes a massive impact on the world.

We just don’t know…..

For a very long time since I was a child I wanted to do everything to help others in a way that would make me smile and make me feel positive too knowing that I’ve helped another person. I knew this because when I was younger I wanted to be a nurse or vet but then realised I actually faint at the sight of blood! (Ask my dad he will tell you a funny story about when I took my pet to the vet!) since these options were out of the question I turned to beauty, beauty was a skill I could easily pick up and help others in a therapy way, (although now I deal with people on a daily basis in a different way) after all I hated school and hated sitting in a boring class room looking at a board.

My problem has always been with others, I expect to much I’m kind to people but why are they not kind to me? Because not everyone is the same as me or kind. You can’t give something to expect it back, life doesn’t work like that! Being kind is a pretty big thing, it’s hard to have and hard to give. I can not tell you how times I’ve been out and done the smallest act of kindness once I told a lady in the que in a shop I liked her shoes her face lit up like she’s never had a compliment before. I held the door open for an older man once he turned to me and said “no one these days does any sort of kindness especially not holding the door open”. I was really surprised.

Since having Violet I’ve realised she was brought into my world to give me purpose, to carry on my acts of kindness and to help other people in my situation. She is my special little girl and I knew from day she was born she would be.

I do everything for her she MAKES me get out of bed every day even when I don’t want to, makes me walk down the path I’m on even if it is a very difficult path of grief and heartache. Violet was brought into my life to show me I can be strong and I can do what I’m best at helping others, raising awareness and being the Voice that people will hear. Baby loss is now something very close to my heart so many people have contacted me to say “thank you” for spreading your story, raising awareness and being the voice we all want to hear it’s all very brave. My bereavement midwife recently contacted me and reminds me every time we speak how she can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short period of time and how if she could I would walk the path of helping us like her with baby loss. We need more people in the world to be the voices of society with out everything becomes a taboo, just like baby loss.

I will do everything in my power and carrying on being the voice Violets wants me to be to help others, support them and tell my story to others to let them know “we are not alone”.

My question is what’s your purpose in life? Or is it simply just to survive….

Grace xox


  1. arv! says:

    I don’t think we came here on this planet with a mission. We find our own mission. And at times, we may not. But certainly, we should not worry about not having a purpose. Life has to be lived.


    1. We shouldn’t worry about “having a purpose” some times that purpose falls into our own hands and keeps us alive. My daughter is my life and she gave me this to carry on, everyone comes across something in life .

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